• JotForm is the first web based WYSIWYG form builder. Its intuitive drag and drop user interface makes form building a breeze. Using JotForm, you can create forms, integrate them to your site and receive responses by email.
  • JotForm is developed mainly for webmasters, but anybody with an Internet connection can use it. JotForm is WYSIWYG, so you can still make web forms without any web design or HTML experience. Since JotForm is hosted on our servers, there are no requirements.
  • JotForm supports all standard web form field types. In addition, it allows you to use new and intuitive fields in your form such as Date Time Picker, Star Ratings, or CAPTCHA checks. Using JotForm, you can create any kind of web form.

    Here is a short list of examples:
    Contact Form Blog Contact/Survey Event Calendar
    Document Uploader Satisfaction Survey Time Sheet
    Job Application Form RSVP for a Party or Wedding Bug Tracker
    Reservation Form    
  • Watch this two-minute JotForm tutorial to see how you can create web forms quickly.
  • JotForm is completely free for Basic usage. You can create forms, integrate them into your site, and collect submissions from your users without any cost. For Bronze usage, it is $19/month. You can find a comparison chart between Basic and Bronze versions here.

    You can find out more info related to billing here

    To support our free service, please feel free to add this banner or any of our banners available to your site:
    Jotform - Easiest Form Builder
  • 1. Unlike similar services, JotForm does not cripple features on free version. All features are available to free accounts. You can create as many forms with as many fields as you wish. You can use all field types and use features like auto-responder.

    2. JotForm does not lock you in like similar services. You can upgrade to Bronze plan for a month or two when you need to receive a lot of submissions, then downgrade back when you don't need it any more. When you downgrade you do not lose your forms or existing data on your account.

    3. Unlike all other services JotForm does not add "Powered By" or "Report Abuse" links to your forms. In our opinion that's very unprofessional and ugly. Our competitors also know this but they call this a "viral" effect. So, they are actually using their users like a virus to get more traffic. We prefer to keep our users happy over such ugly tactics.

    4. JotForm has the best rates. No other service provides so many features for free or $19. Over 250,000 active users have chosen JotForm as a proof.

    5. JotForm is always innovative and ahead of others. Usually similar services follow JotForm's innovative features many years behind. JotForm's web based drag and drop WYSIWYG form builder technology is a first in its kind. We keep improving it to keep it the best form builder ever.

  • JotForm is always improving and adding many new features.

    Survey Tools. Create great looking surveys with our survey toolbox.

    Reporting. You can create great looking reports that include charts and grids. You can access these reports from a browser bookmark, or include them within your web pages.

    Special Field Types. JotForm has 40 form field types.

    Flexible Emails. You can attach many notification and auto-responder email alerts to your forms. Emails are completely customizable.

    Form Conditions and Branching. Makes it possible to show or hide questions, skip to a particular form page, send emails, change Thank You page or Thank You message.

    Integrated Credit Card Payments.Collect payments right from your web forms without leaving to a separate payment gateway. JotForm integrates with Paypal Payments Pro and Authorize.Net, along with Stripe, Braintree, along with PayPal Standard and PayPal Express.

    No account required. We always strive to make things easier and quicker for our users. That's why we do not require an account to save and use your forms. Just enter the email address you'd like to receive notifications from and we'll send them straight to you.

    Full Screen Mode. When you need to create large forms, full screen mode lets you see the larger portion of the form on the screen.
  • You have two choices to receive form submissions. You can receive them instantly by email, or you can log into your JotForm account periodically and view/download all submissions. To receive submissions as e-mail alerts, log into your JotForm account, choose the form you would like to receive submissions for and click on "Edit" button. On the "Form Editor" screen for your form, you will see a "Emails" button, click on that customize your emails.
  • To change recipient email addresses on a form, open your form on the Form Builder and then:

    1. Click on the "Setup and Embed" tab,
    2. Click on "Emails",
    3. Select "Notification Email",
    4. Click on "Reply-to and Recipient Settings",
    5. Change "Recipient E-mail" on the lower right side.

    See more here: Setup Email Notification
  • First make sure that emails for this form is enabled. Log into your JotForm account, choose the form you are not receiving submissions for and click on "Edit" button. On the Form Builder screen for your form, you will see an "Email" button, click on that. Make sure that you have emails setup and they are being sent to your correct email address

    Another possible reason for not receiving emails might be your spam filter. Check your spam folder for the submission email. If it is there, make sure to set it as "No Spam" so that this would not be flagged as spam in the future.

    If nothing helps send us an email. Make sure to include the URL of your form. We will debug the problem for you and send you the email server logs so that you can contact your hosting provider with the email tracking ID and ask them to find out what happens to the email.
  • Certainly! JotForm allows you to copy the source code of a form into your site. On the Form Editor, click on "Share" button to get the source code for your form. Then simply copy and paste it into your site.

    You may also forward users back to your site right after submission. First create a "Thank You" page in your site. Next, click on "Thank You" button on the Form Editor. Finally, copy and paste the URL of the Thank You page into "Thank You URL" option.

  • No, we do not add any kind of 3rd party advertisements on JotForm.

    We would like our users to look professional. So, we would never put advertisements or our logo on the forms like similar services.
  • Yes, you can now have your forms and form submissions transmitted securely with a 256 bit High-grade encryption. You can also log into JotForm site securely and download your submission reports over a secure connection.
  • Yes! You can now use JotForm to sell digital goods, sell products, collect payments for your online service, collect subscription payments or receive micropayments for your content. You can easily integrate your form with PayPal,PayPal Website Payments Pro,Authorize.Net, Google Checkout, WorldPay, 2CheckOut, ClickBank and OneBip payment gateways.

    To create your payment form, go to Form Builder and open "PAYMENT TOOLS" toolbox on the left side and drag and drop logo of one of the payment gateways listed.
  • Yes, your data belongs to you. We do not share or sell any user data. We also do not access your data for any non-administrative purposes.
  • Yes, JotForm now has spam protection. Each new form now has seamless spam checks. JotForm can check if the form is submitted by a real browser. We also now support CAPTCHA verification on the forms.
  • Yes, we do license JotForm's form builder to 3rd parties. You can get a copy of JotForm site to use in your internal corporate or educational intranet. You may also get a distributable license to integrate JotForm technology into your product. Feel free to contact us for more information.

    You can find more information about JotForm licensing on the page below. Please take a look at the options there and if you have any further questions, let us know.

    JotForm Application includes free installation on your site and 3-month email support. You need to have PHP and Mysql on your server to be able to run JotForm Application. It comes with full source code and you are free to customize the design or change source code according to your needs.

    The most recent version of JotForm is not available as Application until 2011. You can see a demo of the old version.
    Update: JotForm Application for v3 is now available for licensing.

  • Still have an unanswered question?

    Submit a support request and a friendly staff member will get back to as soon as possible.